Dutch designers born and bred, Richard Sanders and Marcel Stallinga learnt their trade in the pre-digital era. After years of gaining knowledge and experience separately at various firms, their paths finally crossed about ten years ago. Their mutual passion for conceptual work based on powerful and communicative design led to the formation of Tac'tik.

Convinced by the fact that companies can get better results by using their marketing budgets more effectively, Tac'tik enters into what are generally long­lasting collaborations with clients. By continually guiding communication processes and applying their creative knowledge, Tac'tik provides products and services with
a distinctive image.

As the key figure in a network of collaborating professionals, Tac'tik carries out various projects for a whole range of clients. Tac'tik does not resign itself to simply designing eye-catching images but builds complete
marketing-communication concepts.

We make brands.

When carrying out projects, we surround ourselves with specialists who have been selected based on talent and expertise: copywriters, photographers, technical experts, and other professionals whom we consider to be the most suitable in helping us bring a particular project to a successful conclusion. This ensures that control remains in our hands, allowing us to actualize the powerful concepts that make us who we are; distinctive concepts that our clients are able to use successfully for years and years.